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There are other brands that can boast higher levels of protein, but that level of protein may only be required for dogs who are very or extremely active. We believe that Nutrition is one of the core factors that should affect your choice of pet food. We break down the nutrition of pet foods based on calorific proportions. Growing up with a family full of pets and a lifelong passion for animals he pursued work in the veterinary industry.

What Do Customers Think Of Taste Of The Wild Cat Food?

If you are interested in learning more about these specific grain ingredients, check out the below articles for an in-depth look. Coons, since they need the extra protein to ensure their larger muscle mass is taken care of well as they age. They LOVE it and both are super lean and their muscles are well defined, as they should be.

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These have been developed specifically for cats and are added after the cooking process is complete. This ensures that your cat receives all of the biological benefits of these ingredients. Benefits include an improved immune system, gut health, and general health.

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Taste of the Wild is a brand of Diamond Pet Food, which is a pet food company based in the USA. All of its foods are manufactured in the USA and are billed as being affordable and using high-quality ingredients. As well as using real meat, fish, or fowl as their primary ingredient, the brand’s recipes also include unique proteins from boar, bison, duck, trout, and venison. When selecting a premium dry food, it’s important to select one that contains essential nutrients to meet your cat’s needs.

There’s plenty of reviews out there but let’s start with what cat owners like. While two types of broth in the first 5 ingredients is a bit much, it’s moves like this that allow Taste of the Wild to keep the overall price down. An American expat living in Metro Manila, Philippines for over a decade, Christian is a lifelong cat lover and the proud papa of two rescue cats, Trixie and Chloe. Both girls were formerly among the droves of strays that roam the cities and countryside.

As for dehydration, there is no clear evidence that a diet of kibble causes cats to be more or less dehydrated than other felines. Studies have gone both ways; some show cats fed kibble-only diets are more dehydrated than cats fed wet food, while others indicate the reverse. But all cats, regardless of diet, should have access at all times to a source of fresh, clean water.

Currently, there are three varieties available, Beef, Turkey, and Trout. Each of these formulas is very similar and contains a simple mix of ingredients. The formula also contains Potato Starch, which can be considered a low-quality ingredient in large portions but doesn’t appear to be significant in this recipe. This variety allows owners to find a recipe that their dog enjoys, even if they are a particularly picky dog. Below is a selection of the high-quality meat and fish ingredients used in Taste of the Wild recipes. Taste of the Wild has a reasonably broad product range and produces formulas for all the core varieties of dog food.

What Do Customers Think Of Taste Of The Wild Cat Food?

My cat loves it and there has been such a big jump in her energy levels. Thanks to the other viewpoint members for the positive recommendations on this food, you all are correct, it’s great! Quality of Ingredients Excellent quality ingredients and it’s grain free.


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