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The first ingredient is the meat source, either Angus beef or turkey. The other main ingredients are lentils and sunflower oil. This range also has fewer carbohydrates than the other ranges.

I adopted her from the humane society and they were feeding her purina one cat food. She had stinky poops, constant hair balls from the loss of hair, horrible drainage from her eyes. Since I made the switch her hairballs have became slim to none her poops are normal and her drainage from her eyes are basically non exsistant. I am not saying this cat food is for every cat but for my cat it has done wonders.

Reviews of the 3 Best Taste of the Wild Cat Food Recipes

By the way, they have fish-flavored foods , but they don’t make minced mouse stew or something cats would actually digest in the wild. She explains that they only pay vet bills if they find there is ” a manufacturing problem.” We are to assume this excludes sudden death. I was using this product for at least a year when all of a sudden my cat started scratching and it got so bad that he made himself a hot spot. I changed his food to a different grain free food and the scratching stopped.


You may sometimes notice that they try to steal something off your plate while other times, they won’t even give it a second look. The brand believes that giving felines nutrition similar to the diet of their ancestors will be optimal for their health. Both of my babies were so healthy before this switch w/ no urinary issues or anything for the 5+ years prior to this new diet approx 1 year ago.

Aside from roasted venison, protein sources include smoked salmon, chicken meal, ocean fish meal, pea protein, potato protein. With chicken meal as its primary ingredient, Taste of the Wild Rocky Mountain cat food contains 42% protein. Other meat ingredients found in this formula include roasted venison, smoked salmon, and ocean fish meal. The recipe includes Taste of the Wild’s formulated probiotics, as well as a host of other vitamins and minerals that ensure your cat’s nutritional requirements are being met.

After only one week on Taste of the Wild her coat is improving and sore are healing. Coats are shiny, eyes are bright and there was no transition period for the first feeding. I will continue to use this feed for all my cats and leave the grains for the cattle. Make sure your cat is on a low protein diet – i wouldn’t use this food as it is relatively high in protein. I have had a couple friends turn their cat’s kidney failing around switching to low protein diets. I do rotate their food brands up as much as I can afford.

Castor & Pollux Organix Grain Free Organic Cat Food

At Taste of the Wild, healthy dog and cat food is synonymous with safe dog and cat food. We continually monitor ingredients, production environment, production processes and finished products to ensure the quality and safety of our pet food. We also perform periodic testing to ensure our products comply with the limit for heavy metals established by the NRC. By implementing scientific and technological advancements, we have developed a comprehensive food safety system that ensures our pet food is healthy, safe and nutritious.

Is taste of the wild cat food healthy?

Every Taste of the Wild Grain-Free Dry Cat Food is grain-free, gluten-free, and features no corn or soy. The all natural formulas support healthy digestion with chelated minerals and sweet potatoes and support a healthy coat with their unique omega fatty acid blend.

Cats have different dietary requirements at different stages of their life. Kitten owners, especially, can benefit from giving their pets something easier to chew, digest, and keep down. Taste of the Wild’s concentration of meat, its use of novel proteins, and their grain-free recipes make them a good choice of food, made all the more palatable by an affordable price tag. However, their ingredients do feature some low-cost fillers and their foods are high in carbs.

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